International Trade Law

Midyat & Partners, recognizes the fact that both domestic and international traders, who have to act swiftly due to the special features of selling and buying transactions, require fast and clean-cut solutions during their dealings. In respect of a lawyer, these necessitate having a good command in a broad spectrum of topics. Those issues include national legislation, international rules endorsed by international bodies like WTO and rules like INCOTERMS, which are widely used by traders.

Apart from regulatory knowledge, we believe a lawyer who practices trade law, needs to be familiar with trade practice as customary trade law regulates a large part of relations between traders. At Midyat & Partners, our lawyers come from a strong trade and commercial law background and are accustomed with trade practice. They help traders with drafting trade contracts, obtain necessary licenses and clearances, finance their trade activities by receiving letters of credit and guarantees, negotiate and draft factoring contracts, minimize risks of cross-border transactions. Our lawyers are also specialized in Islamic finance and trade areas, advising those clients who desire to conduct their business in accordance with alternative regulations.