Intellectual Property

At Midyat & Partners we are committed to enable our clients to own their intellectual property, use them in their discretion in accordance with law and prevent any infringements. For this reason, we work with lawyers who follow developments in intellectual property legislation day-by-day. To fulfill this commitment, we advise on whether our clients’ trademarks, patents, industrial designs may be registered and if so, assist them with registering their trademarks, patents and other intellectual property, as well as renewals.

Furthermore, Midyat & Partners lawyers carefully prepare franchising and licensing agreements. Finally, whenever there is an infringement, breach, or violation of our clients' intellectual property rights, know-how secrets, confidential secrets and similar, necessary lawsuits and enforcement procedures are initiated to stop infringement or breach or violation and restitution and compensation suits are initiated. Moreover, if possible and necessary, penal routes are followed.